3. Public Parameters and Variables

With the exception of the array KTable(:) and the PARAMETER NMaxReacSpc and NMax3bSpc, all other variables are counters representing the number of species or chemical reactions satisfying some condition.

These counters are interrelated and other useful values can be deduced from the available counters. The following values have not been explicitly defined and can be useful:

  • N° of neutral excited species = NnVX - NnV

  • N° of charged non-excited atomic and molecular species = NnC - NnVX - 1

  • N° of electron collision direct processes = NKea - NSKea

  • N° of gas collision processes between atoms and molecules = NKgas - NKea

  • N° of reverse gas collision processes between atoms and molecules = NReverse - NSKea

When the input file is read, the species and chemical reactions are classified and sorted. The new order follows the classification shown in Figure F-2 and Figure F-3 for, respectively, species and chemical reactions.

Figure F-2. Representation of the ordering of species in PLASMAKIN. The electrons have the highest index of the charged species. Region (a) represents the neutral, excited species and region (b) the charged non-excited atomic and molecular species.

Figure F-3. Representation of the ordering of reactions in PLASMAKIN. Regions (a) and (b) represent, respectively, the number of direct and reverse gas collision processes between atoms and molecules.


The values of these counters are set by PLASMAKIN and should not be modified by the user program.

Table of Contents
KTable -- Translation table for reaction coefficient indexes
NCasc -- Number of cascade levels
NCh -- Number of charged species
NChX -- Number of excited charged species
NKea -- Number of rate coefficients for electron collision reactions in the gas phase
NKgas -- Number of gas phase reactions
NKReac -- Total number of reactions
NKRImp -- Number of radiation imprisonment reactions
NMax3bSpc -- Maximum number of 3rd body species for 3-body reaction
NMaxReacSpc -- Maximum number of particles taking part in a reaction
NnC -- Number of neutral species with constant concentration
NnTV -- Total number of species with variable concentration
NnV -- Number of non-excited neutrals with variable concentration
NnVX -- Total number of neutrals with variable concentration
NPhot -- Number of photon species
NReverse -- Number of reverse reactions
NSKea -- Number of superelastic electron collision reactions
NSpecies -- Total number of species
NKSurf -- Number of surface reactions