pkReadSpecies -- Reads only the species in the input file


The subroutine pkReadSpecies reads in the input file the NAMELIST instructions characterizing the chemical species and processes this information. If the species is an excited species or an ion, the value of some properties are inherited from the parent species; vibrational series are split into individual species and species concentration and energy are calculated; and finally the species are classified and sorted according to the classification of Figure F-2.


pkReadSpecies( UNIT[, IOSTAT] )

NameDescriptionData type and attributes
UNITUnit number for the input fileINTEGER, INTENT(IN)
IOSTATExecution status indicatorINTEGER, OPTIONAL, INTENT(OUT)


IOSTAT = 0: no errors; IOSTAT = n: error number.


The calling program is responsible for opening and closing the input file.


Example E-16. pkReadSpecies: Reading the basic data in the input file.

  OPEN( UNIT=10, FILE='TestData.txt', ACTION='READ' )
  CALL pkReadSpecies( 10 )