pkGetReverseCoef -- Get the values of reverse reactions properties


The subroutine pkGetReverseCoef returns a list of values of a given property for reverse reactions. Two properties are available:



pkGetReverseCoef( Property, Value, KReacN[, STAT] )

NameDescriptionData type and attributes
PropertyCase sensitive name of propertyCHARACTER(len=*), INTENT(IN)
Value(:)Values of propertyREAL(double), INTENT(OUT)
KReacNStarting index of reactions inquired aboutINTEGER, INTENT(IN)
STATExecution status indicatorINTEGER, OPTIONAL, INTENT(OUT)


The values returned are the values of the property inquired about from among consecutive SIZE(Value) reverse reactions, starting at species KReacN.

STAT = 0: no errors; STAT = n: error number.


Example E-7. pkGetReverseCoef: Evaluating the electron superelastic cross sections from the corresponding forward process cross section.

  INTEGER ::       NfKea,      &   ! N of forward e-atom reactions
                   NEbin,      &   ! N of energy bins
                   idE,        &   ! Index for the energy diff. between levels
                   jmax            ! Maximum index for superelastic CS
  REAL(double) ::  Ebin            ! Energy bin
  REAL(double),                &
  ALLOCATABLE ::   g2_g1(:),   &   ! Ratio between degeneracy values
                   dE(:),      &   ! Energy difference between levels
				   CrossSec(:,:)   ! Electron collision cross sections
  NfKea = NKea - NSKea
  ALLOCATE( CrossSec(NEbin,NKea) )
  IF( NSKea > 0 ) THEN
    ! - Gets g_ratio and dE for superelastic processes
    CALL pkGetReverseCoef( 'g_ratio', g2_g1, NfKea+1 )
    CALL pkGetReverseCoef( 'dE', dE, NjKea+1 )
    ! - Computes superelastic cross sections
    DO i = NfKea + 1, NKea
      idE = NINT(dE(i)/Ebin); jmax = NEbin-idE
      FORALL( j = 1:jmax ) &
        CrossSec(j,i) = (1.d0+dE(i)/E(j)) / g2_g1(i) &
        * CrossSec(j+idE,Nindex(i))
    END DO