pkGetReacCoef -- Gets the values of properties of the reaction coefficients


The subroutine pkGetReacCoef returns the value of a given reaction coefficient property. If Value is an array, a list of values is returned.


pkGetReacCoef( Property, Value, KReac[, STAT] )

NameDescriptionData type and attributes
PropertyCase sensitive name of propertyCHARACTER(len=*), INTENT(IN)

{Value | Value(:) | Value(:,:)}

Value(s) of property


KReacNIndex of reaction inquired about if Value is a scalar or starting index of reaction if Value is an arrayINTEGER, INTENT(IN)
STATExecution status indicatorINTEGER, OPTIONAL, INTENT(OUT)


The dummy argument Value returns the value of the property inquired about and can be a scalar, a one- or a two-dimensional array. A two-dimensional array is only used to inquire about the name of the species involved in a reaction as reactants or products.

If the dummy argument Value is a scalar, the result is the value of the property for species KReacN. If Value is a one-dimensional array, the returned values are the property values from consecutive SIZE(Value, DIM=1) species, starting in species KReacN. If Value is a two-dimensional array, for each reaction inquired about, the returned values are SIZE(Value, DIM=2) first names of the species involved in the reaction as reactants or products. If SIZE(Value, DIM=2) > NMaxReacSpc, the values with index higher than NMaxReacSpc are returned as empty.

STAT = 0: no errors; STAT = n: error number.


Example E-6. pkGetReacCoef: Inquiring the electron collision rates.

  REAL(double), ALLOCATABLE :: eKRates(:)
  ALLOCATE( eKRates(NKea) )
  ! The electron collision rates are the first NKea rates
  CALL pkGetReacCoef( 'Value', eKRates, 1 )