Conventions Used in this Manual

In this manual the following conventions are used:


Terms in bold and courier font indicate information supplied by the user.

{option1 | option2}...

Braces enclose a list from which one, but only one, item has to be chosen. Vertical bars separate these items.

[option] [option1 | option2]...

Square brackets enclose optional items or a list of optional exclusive items.


A horizontal ellipsis means that the preceding item can be repeated.

call pkReadData

Courier font is used for code samples.

value, Ivalue, Lvalue, Rvalue, Cvalue

These words indicate a generic type, a Fortran INTEGER, LOGICAL, REAL or CHARACTER value, respectively.


These terms classify arguments that, respectively, are used to provide data to a procedure but are not modified inside it; are used to pass data from the procedure back to the calling program but are undefined on entry; or can both provide data to the procedure and return data to the calling program.