PLASMAKIN: A library to evaluate the chemical kinetics in gases

N. R. Pinhão


A large number of problems in plasma physics involve the consideration of several chemical species and reactions. Generally it is necessary to read, classify, sort and manipulate particles and reactions and, frequently, evaluate reaction rates and source terms in chemical kinetic equations.


The handling of chemical species and reaction data frequently represents a significant fraction of code, development time and effort and is a source of errors.
It would clearly be advantageous to have a package able to deal with that data independently of the number or nature of the species and chemical reactions involved and of the problem being solved or the method used. Such a package could be used as a "black box" moving the description of particles and reactions from code to a data file, allowing the user to concentrate on the algorithm and once the code is developed, an easy modification and fast testing of chemical models.


The PLASMAKIN library, written in Fortran 95, addresses those needs.
The library has the following characteristics:


PLASMAKIN has been published under the GNU General Public License conditions.
The library source code can be obtained from the CPC library or directly from Sourceforge.