pkDiagnostics -- Writes the contents of Species or KReac structure arrays to a file


The subroutine pkDiagnostics is used to confirm that all species or reactions have been correctly read by the PLASMAKIN parser.

The calling program is responsible for opening and closing the output file.


pkDiagnostics( VarName, IOUnit )

NameDescriptionData type and attributes
VarNameName of the structure inquired aboutCHARACTER, INTENT(IN)
IOUnitUnit number for the output fileINTEGER, INTENT(IN)


The dummy argument VarName can have the values 'Species' or 'KReac'.

The values of the Species or KReac structure arrays are written in the output file with a NAMELIST output with just a few comments on the type of species or reactions between. All species or reaction groups in the datafile are expanded into individual species or reactions.


This routine has been included for debugging purposes and is not meant to be called in the course of a normal use of PLASMAKIN. However, for each new datafile the analysis of the output file written by pkDiagnostics can help to detect errors in this datafile, complementing the error diagnostics already included in PLASMAKIN.


Example E-3. pkDiagnostics: Printing the Species and KReac structure arrays.

  OPEN( Unit=10, FILE='CheckData.txt', ACTION='WRITE' )
  CALL pkDiagnostics( 'Species', 10 )
  CALL pkDiagnostics( 'KReac', 10 )
  CLOSE( 10 )