pkSetValue -- Sets the values of global properties


The subroutine pkSetValue sets the values of several properties: gas or electron temperature, total gas density and vibrational temperature for molecular species.


pkSetValue( [GasTemp][[,] eTemp][[,] GasN][[,] N1byN0][[,] SpeciesN][[,] STAT] )

NameDescriptionData type and attributes
GasTempThe gas temperatureREAL(double), OPTIONAL, INTENT(IN)
eTempThe electron temperatureREAL(double), OPTIONAL, INTENT(IN)
GasNThe total gas densityREAL(double), OPTIONAL, INTENT(IN)
N1byN0(:)The density ratio for the first two vibrational levels of molecular speciesREAL(double), OPTIONAL, INTENT(IN)
SpeciesNStarting index of species sequence for setting the vibrational temperatureINTEGER, OPTIONAL, INTENT(IN)
STATExecution status indicatorINTEGER, OPTIONAL, INTENT(OUT)


STAT = 0: no errors; STAT = n: error number.


Example E-20. pkSetValue: Setting the ratio of the number of molecules in the two first vibrational levels.

  INTEGER :: Minvib, Nvib, dummy(NSpecies)
  CHARACTER(20) :: SpcNames(NSpecies)
  CALL pkGetSpecies( 'name', SpcNames, 1 )
  dummy(:) = INDEX( SpcNames(:), 'N2,v' )  ! Indexes of N2,v species
  Minvib = MINLOC( dummy, dummy>0 ) - NnC
  Nvib = COUNT( dummy /= 0 )
  CALL pkSetValue( N1byN0=SPREAD( Dens(Minvib+1)/Dens(Minvib), 1, Nvib), &
    Species=Minvib )