PLASMAKIN: A library to evaluate the chemical kinetics in gases

N. R. Pinhão


2009-12-01 Screenshots on Sourceforge
Screenshots of the database (using SQLite Database Browser) and of simulation of atomic spectra, computed with the new routine for line emission spectrum from atomic gases, can be found on Sourceforge.

2009-11-30 Better error control
The handling of errors has been improved. A new logical variable pkHandleErrors defines if errors are handled by PLASMAKIN or if an error code is passed to the user' program for processing.
The error messages now indicate the location of the error, the error code and, if the error is on a namelist, the type and number. If the error condition is on reading data on a database, a table and row index are also printed.

An error avoiding PLASMAKIN to read a 2nd datafile (after a call to pkCleanData) has been fixed.
Changes are on svn and will be included on next version.

2009-04-04 Code in svn
A svn repository was created with the present (development) version. The old cvs repository has been removed.

2009-04-04 More compilation results...
Several tests in Mac OS X (Darwin) and Windows XP with Cygwin.
Library compiles in Darwin but Python tests fail because Darwin doesn't include ldconfig. The loading of the Python module has to be changed.
In Cygwin with gfortran 4.4, the first 13 of 17 tests are successful. Those remaining are the Python tests. gfortran 4.3 is unable to compile the library, confirming that also in this platform this compiler version has errors.
However in Cygwin only the static library are built (what automatically excludes Python support).
The development of the next version has resumed.

2009-03-31 Plasmakin version 1.6.1 released
This is a bug fix release. However the handling of reaction groups has been extended to split reactions of type:
'A + B2[X,v] -> AB[X,v] + B'
The automatic test system has been extended and improved.
This version has been tested with several compilers (gfortran, g95 and ifort) and platforms (Linux, i686 and x86_64; Mac Darwin and Windows XP).
The code can be downloaded from Sourceforge.

2009-03-11 Version 1.6.0 has been released
This version brings a full integration between a species and reactions database, the data processing module, the chemical kinetics module and the Python interface. A colection of regression tests was implemented and several bugs were corrected.
The code can be downloaded from Sourceforge.